About me

About me

About me and my work experience

Hi, I’m Axel, 28, and a network engineer based in the south, Euregional part, of The Netherlands. After a study Network Infrastructure Design at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, I specialised in the networking part of the study, more specifically Cisco, (Dell) Sonicwall and Ruckus products. I’m proud holder of the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) license. Currently I’m in a University Master’s programme Information & Network Economics, but after that I’ll continue studying to be accredited for Cisco’s design portfolio (CCDA & CCDP).

After working at a consultancy firm and being employed by one of the world’s leading research institutes in the field of cancer research, I’m currently working at a much smaller company. In my current role I can leverage my existing knowledge to advice customers on their WiFi deployments and to build cloud infrastructures. Think of this cloud infrastructure as identity management, DNS, monitoring and network tools or WiFi directors. The goal is building low-cost SMB networks and to still achieve the reliability and performance expected of any IT environment. We do this through reducing the amount of SPOFs, reducing hardware investments and simplifying network management.


What do you do outside of work then?

Outside of work I still tend to tinker with technology, often messing around with my (IoT) setup. Reducing spending on useless IoT gear and maximising what you already have is a huge part of it. Tinkering with Raspberry Pis and several CentOS installs and firewalls at home is definitely something I might be doing as well. I’ll definitely devote a post on securing IoT in networks from the networking perspective. Furthermore, I’ve been studying and reading a lot lately for my master programme. I like to be challenged, because that is what motivates me. I also spend some time on photography, but I’ll probably not write on this since there are better photography blogs out there. Sports range from running and cycling to rowing and squash (racketball for you Americans out there).


Why this?

What prompted me to write this blog, is my frustration with the lack of public information on some of the technologies I work with on a daily basis. Bad or lack of product documentation, firmware bugs, poorly indexed or searchable help and forum pages are the main cause. Is this site going to fix much? Of course not! But the least I can do is to try to help my fellow engineer by writing specific articles with tips on particular issues I ran into before and let Google index the crap out of it.

Is there anything you want me to write about? Try hitting me up on twitter (@axelrobbe). I’m not much of a social media creature, so give me some time to react 😉